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About Stellar

Stellar Web Solutions employs a small 7 person team of reliable veteran network system application developers all with strong backgrounds in software architecture design, development, software security, and operations. From Stellar's "virtual operations center" based in New York and Ottawa, Stellar's clients span the world, from the United States and Canada, to Europe and Australia. Stellar can deliver quality custom solutions rapidly for whatever platform or webserver required.

I'm a member of the PayPal Developer Network Our developers combine to have over 98 years high tech development and web applications operations experience in the carrier grade telecom sector. Our developers can provide a custom solution to meet any requirement, most of our clients choose their applications to be delivered in in PHP, PERL CGI, C/C++ CGI, MySQL / SQL databases, PHP, HTML, SHTML, XML and many more. Our experience lets us see the big picture, we can help you design the full architecture - hardware and software - requirements to meet your needs of a secure, reliable, robust application both today, and in years to come.

Stellar's Vitual Development environment allows our developers to rapidly develop the best quality low cost solutions.

Registered Charitable organization? Contact us for details on Stellar's Charity Programme, we can provide discounted software and technical assistance/specialized event web applications development if you meet our criteria.

Looking for a Stellar career? Check out our jobs page.

At Stellar we take pride in providing a quality innovative solution to best meet your needs.

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