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Testimonials for the Stellar Donation Tracker for PayPal

I just checked it out and it looks exactly like what i was looking for. I will be purchasing a copy tonight and hopfully have it up and running in no time...Thanks again and great product.

I have been searching for something like this for a long time. It is greatly appreciated.

Your script looks fantastic.

I now can't imagine my websites without it. Thx for making such a great product guys and keep up the good work.

Had I searched a little longer and more closely I would have been a much happier person at this point. Only two days ago I decided to purchase someone else's software and did so because we are in urgent need. BUT. Your product is EXACTLY what I was/am looking for

Stellar eCart Shop for e-Commerce websites

Blue Moon Creations

Check out Stellar Web Solutions new custom modified version of out Stellar eCart Shop product and unique shopping solution with customized product selection for Blue Moon Creations /

  • Secure Encrypted PayPal integration
  • Product Customization
  • Customized PHP Shopping Cart - Stellar eCart Shop
  • Shipping and tax calculations based on Postal Code
  • Design, logo and graphical artwork.


    Get your own Custom shopping Cart System today.